The whole RDANI family were heartbroken to hear of the death of one of its most loyal and dedicated volunteers on 2nd March 2018. For over 40 years Brenda Larmor has given her all to the charity’s work here in Northern Ireland.

After 20 years on the Regional Committee, Brenda retired last year. She had served as County Instructor for the Belfast and County Down area, visiting groups and encouraging both riders and volunteers with inspiring enthusiasm. In this role, her duties included training instructors and keeping everyone up to date with new training methods and recommendations. For several years, Brenda organised the Regional Dressage Qualifiers where her attention to detail ensured that the day always ran without a hitch. She also acted as instructor at the Balmoral Show where RDA riders demonstrated their skills at the annual Thursday afternoon display and at the annual holiday in Castlewellan, Brenda could be relied upon to help out as and when needed. However, nowhere is her reliability, passion and dedication more appreciated than in her own Lisburn group where she continued to volunteer at their rides even in the week before her death.



Brenda was recognised with the Queen’s Award in 2012. On receiving her award and showing big-heartedness so typical of her, she said, “It has been wonderful to enable more people to benefit from riding and I have pleasure in accepting this award on behalf of all the RDA volunteers who give their time to provide children and adults with the opportunity to improve their lives through riding and interacting with horses.”

Brenda was always available to give help and advice to Group instructors and travelled extensively around Northern Ireland to do so. Colleagues describe her working tirelessly- over and above what would be expected of her- and believe she can be summed up in one phrase: “Generosity of Spirit”.

We are so honoured to have been able to count on Brenda for so long and will miss her passion for the charity very much. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.