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Not only does the RDA provide riders and carriage drivers with an opportunity to tackle a new sport and have a fantastic time doing it; we also offer our participants the chance to achieve through our Education Pathway.

“More paperwork!”

“No time!”

“Not enough help”

RELAX! You’re already doing it!

Participants and volunteers can take up these opportunities and there is one for every level, no matter where the starting point! The activities we offer are highly valued by schools and colleges. The Education programme provides a clear way to demonstrate and follow progression and development.

So, what do we offer?

Endeavour Award: recognising and rewarding every achievement

These awards are obtained when a rider or driver reaches an individual goal, regardless of ability or time spent in sessions. There is no set syllabus and no tests: each rider aims to achieve their own personal success. The participant has the chance to identify and work toward their goal and with the recent relaunch of the certificates and badges for the award; it should be more appealing to groups than ever! Everyone can achieve an Endeavour Award and working towards it will improve confidence and self-esteem. If you would like to achieve the new resources or want any more information, please contact Marisa at National Office (

Volunteer Awards: recognising the commitment of our volunteers

These include Green cards, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and President’s Awards among others, and the list is growing all the time! If any of your volunteers have been giving their time for years, there are several long service awards and for a volunteer who has done even more than expected there is the Volunteer of the Year Award and Above and Beyond Awards.

Arts and Crafts: demonstrating the creative skills riders and drivers have

This is the perfect way for riders who cannot travel to England for the Nation Championships to compete at a national level. Classes are open to all RDA participants and the first round of judging is held at our regional championships in May. The highest placed entries are carefully transported over to Hartpury in July for the final judging. Entries can be individual efforts or group projects and can take any form. Why not see just how creative your participants can be?


Towards Independence: this ASDAN programme can be used to further the development and education of participants who have already begun or completed proficiency tests

Each participant is entered at a level of support suitable to their individual abilities. Many of the key achievement areas are easily transferred between each project and proficiency test portfolio evidence, particularly Riding and Horse Care, Grades 1 and 2, can be used to fulfil “Towards Independence” modules. It’s simple! Your participants can be working to achieve two awards at the same time, however they need only complete and record session activities once!


Proficiency Tests and Awards: graded steps to celebrate progress in riding, driving and stable management

These awards provide a useful framework for lesions and can set out goals and objectives to allow participants to achieve their full potential. There are four grades of proficiency tests assessed within the region and for more advanced riders, a further three grades are assessed and awarded at National level.


ASDAN Awards: Nationally recognised awards and qualifications which can also benefit the participant’s education

ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) has been working with the RDA since 2005 to develop tailor-made courses which can be used as a measure of educational gains. The programme is suitable for riders and drivers, adults and children, regardless of their abilities. ASDAN lesson plans are also a wonderful way to add variety and interest to RDA sessions.


The opportunities offered to our participants can improve their independence and self-esteem. Imagine the sense of achievement a rider feels when they receive their Endeavour award for finally being able to mount the pony they were so scared of weeks before. Think about how proud a carriage driver would be to gain the same recognition for successfully listening to instructions and steering their pony and carriage as required. There are no limits to achieving within the RDA- everyone can succeed at their own level.

RDANI would like to support anyone who would like to participate in the Education programme. For further information please contact Gwen Garrett on 0778 5952 824 or Rosie Clyde on 028 7032 0147.